Friday, 1 March 2013

Kindle protection

My valentines treat from M was a new kindle fire which I love. But perhaps not as much as Lj, who is often requesting to play games on it. We even caught her downloading new games, thankfully not doing too much damage to M's credit card! She is also slowly learning that it is not another cheap, plastic toy which she can carry around and drop where she likes. However it still needed some protection, or perhaps that was all an excuse for me to get designing and sewing again!

My design criteria: I wanted a cover which didn't need to be completely removed in order to use it. The turn on/off button and volume control are on the top edge and the charging socket is on the side edge so I needed to be able to access these without removing the cover and the screen needed protecting when it is in my handbag. A few hours later I produced the first version. I used fabric from Ikea and elastic that had been taken from the waist of an old pair of MJ's school trousers!

My second attempt will be one for M's kindle and I will make a few design changes. He is not so keen on the way the flap is secured ie with elastic and I don't think it is necessary to have elastic at the corners of the screen so I think I will try using Velcro to secure and will make four fabric corners to keep the kindle in place. Now to find a suitable manly fabric!

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