Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Oak' No. 5

 Hatfield Forest has always been a very special place for us and I have posted photos taken in it a number of times but who would have believed it could get even better! The new jetty which we watched being built and wondered why our duck feeding/ wellie boot paddling spot had been lost has actually become a dock for beautiful rowing boats. MJ is captivated by boats at the moment so he could not contain his excitement and oh my the excitement when we suggested trying one out.
I kept a firm hand on Lj while MJ and Sarah did the rowing. I was very impressed at how quickly MJ picked up the rowing action...'like a duck to water!!!' I think there may be a few more rowing trips ahead. Thank you National Trust for a good day turned fantastic!

Captain Jay!

R, F, A and bump...another reason to come back for a visit I think!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Not Africa, but France

 First day back to school after our little holiday MJ told his teacher that he had been to Africa. When I told him we didn't go to Africa he responded in the next breath with 'I know that, but there were a lot of African people there'!

I feel such a deep sense of protection over my boy. I do not cry very easily yet when I tell a simple story about him a tear will come to my eye. When someone treats him in a way I dislike my blood begins to boil (I can feel it in the heat in my cheeks). The thought that he might ever feel lonely, sad or abused makes me want to weep.

When I showed him this picture taken at his school sports day he was frustrated and didn't want to look at it. He said that he didn't win any races (apparently the relay didn't count, which he did win). He pointed to the ring and said that it kept falling off his head. He is competitive and a brave loser but clearly he doesn't forget.

He is pensive. If he arrives home from school and there are alot of people in the house he will most likely go up to his room, spend some time on his bed with his teddies before coming down and joining in on the fun. A room of his own has been a real blessing. His little sanctuary.

He loves the company of adults. He listens and then takes on their role. When we visit a castle, he becomes tour guide. He is sensible and caring...just like a mini adult!

Yet, I have this fear that I cannot protect him from this world and what it might do to him. Even this week we have been told that he may have a lazy right eye and I believe it after he dressed up as a pirate for school today and said he couldn't see properly when he had his eye patch over his left eye! Neither can I fully understand his little mind which is developing each day.

We have been looking at this verse from the bible together:

Hebrews 12 v 1&2
'Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus the champion...'

I can't always be there for is not normal that I would be, but I can trust in the one who formed his little body, who knows him and cares deeply for him and who CAN always be there for him.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Normandy, France

Often I wonder why I spent 6 years of my life training to become an Architect, to then work for 2 years before becoming a full time mum. Yet, when we are on holiday my camera eye is drawn to the local, everyday architecture. This weekend we visited Normandy, France. I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the French atmosphere, learning some new french words, tasting snails, visiting new sites and capturing the architecture through the lens of my camera. It reminded me that although I no longer practice architecture, those 6 years were a privilege and not a waste of time!!!

A French cafe, Honfleur.

A quaint house in Honfleur.

Marina at Honfleur.

Eglise Sainte Jeanne d'Arc.

Rouen Cathedral

Mont St Michel.