Thursday, 23 January 2014

Master Yoda

MJ loves Master I thought it might encourage some pencil work if we learnt how to draw Yoda. We followed a step by step guide from the internet. He was very proud of his final drawing. Lj's looks like baby Yoda...don't you think?

Squirrels dressed in Joules!


Almost a tradition, we have done it twice, when the Joules new season catalogue pops through the letter box Lj and I dress ourselves in make believe clothing. Today we combined our drawings of squirrels and the Joules catalogue and ended up with Mr Squirrel dressed in Joules...quite a posh little squirrel he is!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Master bedroom makeover #1

As if things aren't busy enough in this house at the moment, last weekend we decided to have a go at redecorating our bedroom. There were a few thoughts in the air which sparked the activity. I was v tired of the mouldings on the walls (I would love to know what was going on in the mind of the one who created them in the first place), I wanted an Annie Sloan project and our bed seemed like a good one to start on and I was looking for a project which I could do with Lj on our 3 free weekday mornings.

On the first morning, Lj and I removed the mouldings and re plastered the surface, ready for painting. That evening Nana on the motorway called to say they would like to come down for the weekend in two weeks the dead line was set!

M and I painted the walls 'Mineral Mist' (a pale sky blue) on Saturday evening. We have lots of happy memories of late night painting and this was another to add to the list.

Before we began painting the bed we purchased Annie Sloan, Old white paint, clear wax and 'special' AKA expensive brushes. 

The bed took two coats of paint and a little sanding before it was ready for the wax.

We are almost finished. One of the most time consuming activities was M and I agreeing on a new duvet cover and pillowcases. The conclusions I have come to regarding this is that I love geometric designs and that M is obsessed with Scandinavian Folk design! The final purchase will be revealed in the next post. Neither of us got what we were looking for but what we did get we both love and I discovered a lovely new brand in the process!

Things still to do::
Decide whether the curtains did actually shrink in the wash, or if my ironing wasn't what it should be and whether I need to add a little border at the bottom!
Paint the door and replace the 80's brass handle.
Source new beside tables which I can paint white...I don't think the current Ikea ones will cut the new style.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Christmas is over, the decorations are back up in the loft, the kids are back at school (almost, Lj starts nursery tomorrow) and the holiday sleep deficit has been made up.

I can't believe I didn't take one photo of our Christmas in Ireland but I do have nice memories to treasure.

:: Christmas morning 8km run around the slippery country lanes with M and my brother in law
:: Playing a game with MJ and his cousin...finding the object in a dark room, using their new head torches!
:: A bumpy flight with a missed landing, followed by Lj making use of the paper bag in the seat pocket and MJ stating that he is not sure he could be an emergency rescue pilot as he needed to hold his tummy with his hands and that wouldn't be possible if you were the pilot!
:: Watching my brother clean out a turkey but not feeling brave enough to watch him kill it
:: Friends, food and fun times!

Since getting back we have taken things a bit slower...two muddy trips to Hatfield forest, Ice skating and lots of playing with new toys!