Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer bucket list #01 Marble run

 It was early on Saturday morning and MJ had already been asking if he could play Minecraft. I told him to have a look at our 'Summer Bucket List' which I had placed on the fridge. As he read through the things listed his eyes lit up as he read 'marble run'. Mum had sent him some marbles a few days previous and I had been collecting cardboard tubes in the hope we could make a marble run, having seen them before on Pinterest. I showed him a You tube video of what I had in mind and as he watched you could see the excitement building in him.

I thought it was interesting that he started at the bottom of the marble run and worked his way to the top. Lj was his masking tape cutting assistant!

He tested it at every point. I heard him say 'It is going too fast, we need to slow it down'. 'This needs a support so the marble doesn't fall off'.

Turning it into a maths lesson we decided to charge per run. He said 'But what if they give me £1'...and then he started counting...'They will get 20 goes!'. He explained to his Dad that any money they got would go to a charity for 'working dogs'. Bless him, he has a real heart for the poor and needy.

The run is complete and I have a v proud and excited boy!

Outside it goes to try out on the neighbours. Lj brought in the punters and MJ explained what had to be done. Team work and a good Saturday mornings entertainment.

To make your own marble run all you need is a roll of masking tape, cardboard tubes, a collecting tub and some marbles...go is alot of fun!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Craft parties

I finally bit the bullet and got some flyer's printed to advertise 'Lilyjean- Quirky&Handmade' craft parties. Last night I held one in my house for a few of my neighbours. We made a simple hanging lavender heart. I wanted to keep it simple so that no one would feel intimidated especially if they were not confident at hand sewing. We had some drinks and snacks, I did some introductions so everyone could get to know each other and then we sat round the table and got making. There was lots of chat and lots of laughs and it turned out to be a v late night (for me!). Schools out for the summer so at least we could have a little lie in this morning!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Everyday Creating #12 Simple drawing

After breakfast this morning we had an hour to kill before leaving for church so we got some paper and pens out and started to draw. I had seen in one of MJ's Lego magazines a step by step guide to drawing Batman which I was keen to try. Of course the kids wanted to do their own pictures and that was fine.

Lj's rowing boat on stormy seas.

MJ's Lego city scene.

And my attempt at Batman.

It brings me so much joy when I see the two of them quietly engaged in something creative.

HaPpY BiRthDay M

M is working in America this week, he's feeling poorly and it is his birthday. We tried to hide some little presents in his suitcase and a homemade card but before he left Lj whispered in his ear that something was hiding in his suitcase...she loves to reveal a secret. Anyway, his favourite gift was our card which made us feel pretty good.

Happy Birthday Daddy and see you soon.

Friday, 18 July 2014

2014 Sports day

This week the kids have had their school sports days. Lj conquered the tiger feet race while MJ tried out the long jump for the first time. It is lovely to look back at the photos of MJ when he was in nursery and taking part in his first school sports day.

Everyday Creating #11 Paper bunting

On this hot and sticky Friday night I'm cutting out 100's of paper bunting flags. Next weekend myself and a couple of friends are having a crafting table at our local cricket club summer fayre. We will offer two different crafts to the kids that come. It's another first for us so fingers crossed we have some kids wanting to make, we remember to bring everything...oh and if the sunshine could stay for another week or so that would be great too!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A dress for Lj

Last week I made Lj a new dress for a wedding which we are attending in the summer holidays. It was nice to be back at my sewing machine. I really really want to make some of my own clothes, especially after chatting to my Mother in law about all the things she is creating. Maybe come September I will have a little more free time and can get my head around it.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary

M's Nan and Granddad celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. Sadly Granddad is not so well but hopefully we will still get to see and congratulate him...after all 60 years together...WOW!

It is always hard to know what gift to give for an anniversary...this time a little house sketch came in very handy!

Mud kitchen play

 Today the kids had a day off school so I encouraged them outside into the sunshine to play with Lj's new mud kitchen. It was lovely to hear them talking to each other as they planned their menu and began making some mud based dishes for their cafe. I encouraged them a little with what ingredients to use such as the fallen pine cones, flower petals and leaves. It is handy to have the water butt where they can use the tap to access water and they love to add plenty of mud and stones to the mix.

I supplied a marker and some cardboard and MJ set about making the cafe menu and price list. In his home learning time earlier in the morning we had been adding and subtracting money values. So it was great for him to practise this in a different setting although I did think £10 for his banana smoothie was a little pricey so he reduced it to £5.

Lj mixing up a concoction of mud, pine cones, leaves and water...yum!!!

And finally me, enjoying the outdoor cafe environment, free wifi and a bowl of homemade banana soup!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Everyday Creating #10 #Jam

The last couple of days have all been about jam making. On Tuesday we spent the morning at our allotment picking the last of the strawberries, the gooseberries and half of the blackcurrants. I then spent the afternoon washing and taking the little stalks off. Yesterday morning I got started on making the jam. I'm always shocked at the amount of sugar that goes into making jam but both blackcurrant and gooseberry jams are easy to make due to their fairly high pectin levels. We now have 24 pots of delicious homemade jam. Now to pick the other half of the blackcurrants before the birds spot them and clear the bushes for me.