Friday, 26 February 2010

It seems that Friday has become my blogging day!

And this week I am thankful for~

Our first real trip to the allotment this year. Interestingly we reflected on how much Mj has changed since we got our allotment 10 months ago. He loves to help with all the jobs at hand and his attention span has increased greatly. I never thought we would chart his progress as we charted the growing of produce!

Check out my husbands allotment blog for a more indepth update.

Inspired by a brooch created by Madeleine Shepherd which I gave my mum a long time ago I began stitching and beading this week. In the end I made a fascinator in a similar vein for a 'hat' party which we are going to tomorrow evening.

Brooch and fascinator

In the pipe line is 'happy birthday' bunting in yellow and blue bordered with yellow ric rac. Watch this space.

Happy Friday!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Whoop Whoop for sunshine!

We had sunshine today. Warm, bright and energizing sunshine!

This week I am,

thankful for ~

Sunshine and the desire to get outside.

A working mobile phone.

Friends who encourage and inspire.

A trip to London with family.

inspired by ~

The amazing creativity of Yulia Brodskaya.

The printed fabrics and clothes of Desigual.

thinking about ~

Lengthening a new dress.

Making a new maternity skirt. If only we had a good fabric store nearby that sold inspiring printed jersey cotton.

Baby names

looking forward to ~

A quiet family weekend, and more sunshine please : )

Friday, 12 February 2010

It's gratitude friday again!

It is with mixed feelings that I attempt a 'gratitude friday' post this week.

This week has been filled with tiredness and frustration. Frustration over my mobile phone dying since Mj baptised it in a glass of water. It was only 4 days old...I am still mourning! Tiredness from a series of rough nights, due to crazy pregnancy induced dreams and a restless 2 year old.

But this is 'gratitude friday' so enough of the self pity and onto some things which I can look back on and smile.

Mj's insistance that his dog must have a dish of water each day.

No more muddy footprints on the car seats. Finally, I get around to making a cover from vinyl for the back of the passenger car seat. I wanted to sew some pockets on for Mj's drink bottle, snacks and activities but I just can't sew on vinyl. Apparently I need a teflon foot for my sewing machine, so am watching out for that. I didn't quite think in time of how the spotty fabric might be a bit difficult to look at...perhaps I should have choosen something more calming...but I do love spots!

A new peg bag. I love it for so many reasons...such as...I really needed one, the colour (it matches my kitchen too), the print, the cost (50p in our local charity shop). I would love to know how old it is...any ideas?

Now as I think of things I can be thankful for I feel like the list is endless...and that is why you too should try taking part in 'gratitude friday'. It is good for the soul.

And parents and brother are arriving tonight so I have 4 days of things to look forward too...I had better get some cleaning done : )

Friday, 5 February 2010

Gratitude Friday

The idea of 'Gratitude Friday' is borrowed from my friend 'Silverstreet', which she in turn borrowed! I like the idea of reflecting on a week almost past.

And here's what I am thankful for this week.

Creation... and the peace it brings to my soul when I am connected with it, and of course the sun shining through the trees helps too!

Mj...i'm always thankful for him even when his will conflicts with mine!

Rainbow a week of serious sugar cravings, a friends cake hits the spot!

And finally, I am thankful for the time spent this week reuniting with an old friend and meeting and getting to know some new friends.

I hope you too have something positive to reflect on on gratitude friday.

Have a lovely weekend.