Friday, 26 February 2010

It seems that Friday has become my blogging day!

And this week I am thankful for~

Our first real trip to the allotment this year. Interestingly we reflected on how much Mj has changed since we got our allotment 10 months ago. He loves to help with all the jobs at hand and his attention span has increased greatly. I never thought we would chart his progress as we charted the growing of produce!

Check out my husbands allotment blog for a more indepth update.

Inspired by a brooch created by Madeleine Shepherd which I gave my mum a long time ago I began stitching and beading this week. In the end I made a fascinator in a similar vein for a 'hat' party which we are going to tomorrow evening.

Brooch and fascinator

In the pipe line is 'happy birthday' bunting in yellow and blue bordered with yellow ric rac. Watch this space.

Happy Friday!

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