Monday, 15 August 2011


Today we had a 'quiet' day...well as quiet as it can be with a busy 3 year old and a chatty 1 year old! The last two weeks have been busy. My parents were visiting so we were day tripping for two weeks. We did sandcastles at the beach, boating at Lee Valley nature reserve, shopping at all the craft shops we could find, walking in the woods and country lanes, foraging for blackberries, combine harvester spotting from the car, a baby shower for my sister, picnicking in every outdoor location... the list is endless.

So after saying goodbye to them, I lay in bed last night and decided we needed a day at home, just me and the kids doing the every day tasks with lots of play and stories. No driving, no packing the picnic bag and car, no meeting times and places. And that's what we did. A day of washing, ironing, cooking but also boat making, story reading, singing, football, snap, puzzles and a walk to the park and charity shop where we purchased a hard back, barely used junior atlas for 25p...which in turn led to flag spotting and drawing.

Sometimes the simple days are as good as the days out...but I might require some adult company tomorrow...we will see.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Jessie Maud

At only 3 weeks old we got a cuddle with Jessie Maud and a quick catch up with the rest of the family as they passed through our town on their long journey home. May God bless you little Jessie and I hope we get to see you and your cute, curly haired, plum loving brother again soon. Thanks for popping in!