Wednesday, 28 August 2013

MJ's 6th Birthday

MJ turned 6 today!
We have been thinking about his birthday for a long time as he is a summer baby we needed to send out invites to his friends before the school holidays began.

He really wanted a 'Lego' themed party and we got lots of inspiration from Pinterest.

He was delighted with his presents and started building his new Lego kits straight away. I was surprised how he could build them himself when at Christmas he would have needed M or I to help. Lj had got him a little wooden fishing boat which we found in the charity shop. It was sweet to see him so pleased with Lj for giving it to him and he kept it close to his side for most of the day.

We decided that one of the party games would be to build Lego cars and race them down a track. We used the old sliding door from M's study, creating a start and finish line and some lanes. The boys loved playing this and repeatedly tried to modify their cars to make them go faster.

Using my new laminater and coloured card I made a large Lego man. I hid the pieces around the garden and the children had to find all the pieces and put them together. This was a good 'ice breaker' game.

We then played 'pin the head on the Lego man', a variation on 'pin the tail on the donkey'.

I forgot to take a photo of the table, where MJ and I had designed a table runner of Lego men, Lego heads and bricks which could be coloured in or drawn on. Boys being boys, this held their interest for a few minutes before they found a football and started a kick about instead!

Pinterest gave me lots of ideas for Lego inspired cakes. I like to keep it as simple as possible and build up the detail if I have time. I used my old favourite 'Mary Berry's perfect Victoria sponge cake' recipe which never lets me down. I bought pre coloured icing but found it difficult covering cubes neatly...more practise required I think! The green Lego base was a last minute idea after I rolled out my green icing and found I didn't have enough to cover the base.
MJ gets very excited about his cake, which I try to keep a surprise. But when I produced it this afternoon and tried to take a picture he was so overwhelmed by the attention that he ran from the table and so Lj blew out his candles. I felt disappointed that I didn't get a nice photo of him blowing out his candles but realise that it doesn't matter and it is not going to help to show frustration or anger towards him.

We said goodbye to our guests with party bags and party bubbles.

Thankfully we had Uncle Adam to help with the assembling of the work bench!

Lj gave the flowers their evening soak before she and M fell into bed. Lj announcing that she would like a Lego party for her birthday and MJ climbing his ladder into bed with his Lego torch and building book under his arm.

Goodnight my boy and 'Happy Birthday'!

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Don't forget us!

A gift for our Canadian friend, Jessica. Hopefully when she sees this bunting she will remember all the fun times and friends she made when living here in England!

I used a mix of fabrics and especially like the 'London Calling' fabric with its little double decker buses.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Happy 1st birthday Olivia

To my little niece...happy birthday!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Baby Boom

Since the arrival of Prince George we seem to have had a little baby boom and I am making more personalised baby pictures than ever. Here are a few made in the last couple of weeks.

Happy Birthday Evely!

A new school bag for Evely who is starting school in September. Hope you have a lovely birthday and a great first day at school.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words

Lj holding my Dad's hand and wearing my Great Uncle Jackie's hat. Meanwhile in the background MJ hugs his best buddy, Pudge.

Memories are made up of special little moments like these.