Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Shopping with these two!

Ez turns 2!


On a wet Easter Monday we headed to W5 in Belfast, along with half the N.Irish population. Despite being v busy, we all had a lot of fun and I can't believe it is the first time we have visited.


In all weathers, these two are sure to be found in the garden! When the sun begins to shine and the wind drops, the rest of us may join them!

Lisbon, Portugal

 After a rocky couple of weeks of tummy bugs, tiredness, then realising MJ's passport was out of date and Cal also needing one, we finally made it to Lisbon.

 20 Rue de Gaveas. Our first experience of Airbnb. Owned and renovated by architects SAMF, the apartment was small but inspirational in its interior design.

Our weather was mixed. Torrential rain and sunshine but it is a city with enough to do whatever the weather.

 One of the buildings left standing after the Lisbon earthquake.

 Lj at the Story Centre, Lisbon. The story of Lisbon really comes to life and is presented perfectly for children and adults.
 Enjoying the sun and drying out at a playpark in Belem.

Monument of the discoveries, Belem

 Pal├ício da Pena, Sintra

 M, Ez and Cal enjoying the Science Museum.

 M and Mick at the Science Museum.

MJ and Calvin at the Oceanaria.
We especially enjoyed the Oceanaria, Science Museum and Lisbon Story centre.

After a 4 hr delay, we finally made it home, tired but re inspired by the energy of city life.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hard at work

This boy is always hard at work... Carrying, sweeping, hoovering or shovelling.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

She did it!

I had her primed 'it's all about the taking part, it's an amazing experience, an opportunity to learn.' but she was determined to go one better than that. Well done Lj on being 'runner up'.