Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ezra Turns One!

It has happened...my little man turned One today. What a year it has been and what a delight he is. He laughs so easily, always has a smile and is generally chilled. His favourite toy is pushing a vehicle along the floor. I caught him standing without holding on today which is a first. He says 'woof woof' and 'raar' for dog and lion noises. He loves to wave goodbye and shake his head. He will eat just about anything and rarely refuses food. He is happiest when it is finger food and he can feed himself so he eats a lot of carrot, broccoli and grapes. He has 3 teeth on the bottom. He always has a sore finger from nipping one of them in a drawer or a door. The only way I can get him to sit still is to put 'In the night garden' on television but even that looks like it is wearing thin. We won't mention sleep, safe to say that he doesn't seem to need huge amounts of it and catches up when we are in the car.

 We celebrated with his N.Irish cousins, Grandparents and Great Aunt.

Here he is experimenting with his new 'busy board'. The light, caster wheel and door stopper are current favourites.

In other news, MJ and his cousin Jack spent the afternoon building a military outpost and sniper tower! They were so proud of themselves. It makes my heart sing to see them inspired and delighting in their work.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Today at the Ulster Museum

Apart from the highlight of the day being dinner at McDonalds both MJ and Lj expressed how much they enjoyed looking round the art gallery and having a go at drawing their own pictures. As it is NI science week the museum were running a special feature on skulls which if I'm being honest could have been done better but was interesting none the less. I enjoyed...watching the older kids read about the items in the exhibits, seeing how much Ezra loved playing with the coloured glass blocks, catching up with my buddy and getting to know Belfast again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's day!

Lj made us a card and a family portrait!

We have been enjoying the New Irish Kids CD and on the way to school this morning we listened to this song which is one of our favourites.

When my energy’s high Jesus loves me

When my energy’s high Jesus loves me
When I just want to cry Jesus loves me
When I fail my exam Jesus loves me
When I doubt who I am Jesus loves me

When I do something kind Jesus loves me
When I leave stuff behind Jesus loves me
When I’m fearful and sad, Jesus loves me
When I drive people mad Jesus loves me

Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so

When I act immature Jesus loves me
When I don’t know for sure Jesus loves me
When I say something daft Jesus loves me
When I make people laugh Jesus loves me

When I wear awful clothes Jesus loves me
When I’ve spots on my nose Jesus loves me
When I think I’ve no friends Jesus loves me
For his love never ends Jesus loves me

When I sing out of time Jesus loves me
When I put far too many words in one line Jesus loves me
When I breathe for far too long, Jesus loves me
When I get the notes all wrong, Jesus loves me

Jesus love is here to stay
With us each and every day
Nothing you can ever do
Will prevent him loving you

Soapy water play

The workmen have all left (for now) leaving a muddy and dusty trail. As I started to clean up it didn't take Ezra long to discover the warm soapy water. I had to keep an eye on what I was doing and a wide eye on Ezra who almost tipped himself into the basin of water a number of times. What is it about little chubby hands? So cute!

Cold and Frosty Saturday

We woke to a cold and frosty morning both outside and inside.

I took the kids to Millennium Court for the film and craft day while Mike went to Belfast with friends. Today's film was 'Big Hero 6' and the activity was making robots from junk modelling. Ezra had a sleep while the film was running so I got some knitting done in the semi darkness. Meanwhile at home we were having the final wood burning stove fitted and a pump put on our hot water tank so we should shortly have a warmer house and a more powerful shower.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ez on the move

Ez is crawling forwards, after a few weeks of sliding backwards. Now nothing is save as he has an eye for wires and buttons. I think I might be borrowing Mum's play pen to keep him in one place.

Courtyard Phase 1 complete

This was how the courtyard looked when we moved in. It is a completely enclosed space and a lovely suntrap (when the sun is shining!).

Sadly the colourful pyracantha had to be pulled out to lay the new ground cover.

Work began with Michael and his team. Digging out a hole for the hot tub, pouring concrete, building retaining walls and creating new raised beds.

The hot tub was craned in to place without too much difficulty.

The artificial grass was laid, the raised beds filled and the paving slabs chosen and placed.

We don't normally have a paving slab sitting on the hot tub but after the cover blew off three times in the high winds last night, the paving slab is perching there until the weather improves.

We love our hot tub and it is used most days. Lj likes to sit (or not sit as she never sits) in it with M as she says it is a great way to talk to Daddy! MJ ideally likes to be in it alone so he can chill out and relax. I like to jump in in the evening to warm up and relax before bed time.

Phase two will be planting the raised beds which will be carried out in Spring and will help to soften the pebble dash walls.