Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Meet Sue, Babs, Starlight and Eva. After a rocky start of me having to chase them around at night to get them into bed they have now settled in and started laying. 

Back to school

This was not taken on the first day back as it took me a few days to get into the swing of getting them all out the door and into the car before 8.30am. Getting my camera out was the last thing on my mind! MJ has gone into P6 while Lj is now in P4.

Summer 2017 #1

It is almost two months since I last posted...two months of school holidays... two months that have gone by in a flash and rolled in a few changes.

I am currently sat in the car with my two sleeping babies in the back. Oh yes, two sleeping babies now and sitting in the car while they sleep has become a norm, my make shift office.. today I even have a cup of tea and with wonderful 3G I can catch up on all my messages and even do a little organising and planning.

Growing everyday

Photos of Calvin are few with life being full of the everyday. I'm determined to keep documenting so blog posts are going to be a tad random and probably not even in chronological order!

Calvin hanging out with his buddy, David.

Everyday Calvin gets lots of love from his big brother who is very affectionate and becoming less heavy handed too!

Big sister love.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lj's 7th Birthday

As usual my birthday pics are very poor...the day always seems to run away from me and I don't get a chance to get clicking!

Lj had the 'best day ever' with a pottery party at Diane Harkness Ceramics. They made cute little bunny pinch pots and watched Diane on the wheel.

It doesn't feel strange for Lj to now be 7 yrs old. I think I have been treating her like a 7 yr old for a long time.

A day in the life of Mr Ez

Messy breakfast time.

A little play.


Morning chat with the cows.

Lots of car journeys.

Hiding in his favourite cupboard under the sink.

And lots of pulling things out of drawers, cupboards and boxes!

Last day of P5 and P3!

It's hard to get a good photo of this motely crew but I thought it appropriate to take a photo of their last day in P5 and P3 and the end of their first year in a new school. We feel so blessed with how they have settled in and become part of their new school. Now no pack lunches and 6 less journeys per day in the car for 8 whole weeks. After that the fun will really begin when God willing there will be four to get out the door in the mornings and MJ will begin studying for his transfer test...ekk!