Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer 2018, St Simeon, France

 Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, Paris

Lj and her Nana, ready to enter Fantasy land.

MJ and Lj after a long first day.

View over the park from Alice in Wonderland's maze.

Lj's favourite ride. A simple life. After she went on it with Nana, she insisted that I go on it too. I'm glad she persisted as it truly is a special experience.

MJ and I getting ready for 'Big thunder mountain'.

All of us on the Buzz lightyear ride. Ezra was very unsettled by the noise in the shows and rides. Near the end of the first day he said 'Go home'. Near the end of the second day as we climbed on another ride he said 'No, again'!

For me, the best part of the two day experience was the shows. Magical Mickey, Superheros, Car Stunt show and the princess waltz. I think these captured the magic of Disney.

The ice cream was pretty good too!

Outside of Disney we spent our days resting and swimming.

And before we knew it, it was time for home once again!

Summer 2018, Bishop's Stortford

Our summer holidays started with a trip to Bishop's Stortford to stay with my sister and see our old friends.

Our first trip down memory lane was to visit Hatfield Forest.

Waiting for a train back to Bishop's Stortford after visiting our friends at our old church.

I used to take MJ to this spot in the river by Grange Paddocks swimming pool when he was just a toddler to play 'pooh sticks'. This time we enjoyed the cool water on our hot feet.

A game of 'Settlers in Catan' with Auntie Corrie and Uncle Jamie.

Photo taken by Ezra and the only one I have of our afternoon on our old street, hanging out with our neighbours.

This photo was taken on the sly as MJ caught up with his old friend, Joshua. It might be the first time in 4+ years that they have seen each other but they clicked straight away.

As usual we walked lots, stayed up too late, had lots of memories triggered, absorbed lots of vitamin D, caught up with lots of treasured friends and felt like we had never really left this special place.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Sunny days!

It feels like we have been blessed with so many sunny days so far this year and it is only the end of June. Summer is without a doubt my favourite season, as life just seems easier when you can pop on a dress and sandals and be ready to go. Let's hope there will be many more warm days before Autumn begins.

Happy 8th Birthday Lj!

A new dress for Bluebell

Lj has taken to my sewing machine like a duck to water and produced a new dress for Bluebell (with a little guidance from Mum!).

Lj is an Otter!

Lj has conquered her front crawl breathing and completed her certificate. This will see an end to us hanging out at our local leisure centre on a Monday afternoon, until Ezra is ready to learn! I will miss my weekly catch up with the other hot and sticky poolside mums.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

A good untidy

It feels like I spend a large portion of my day moving things from one room to another, all in the name of tidying up. So last night when I came home from an evening out with friends it was no surprise to see dishes by the sink, shoes lying on the floor and random toys in random places. But I was stopped in my tracks and had to take a photo when I saw what had been left lying on the table. Pencils, pens, paper, scissors and drawings. Why was this mess different? To me it was, because it told a story of what the older two had spent their evening doing. When screens is their normal 'go to' entertainment, I was so pleased that last evening they had been creating their own world in their imagination, using their hands and creativity without the stimulus of a screen.