Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Building Obsession

For the last year or so this little man has had one obsession...'building'. He has talked of building a boat for months and months. Initially we thought the phase would pass and so didn't take it very seriously, but let me tell you, this phase is not passing anytime soon. He could talk (and often does) for hours on end about how he is going to build his boat, house, castle, church etc etc.

I have known about Iggy Peck Architect for awhile and with all this talk of building not fading I felt it was time for MJ to read it. Well, my goodness, this book is studied every day without fail. A couple of weeks ago Nana (on the motorway) asked if she could read him his favourite book and it was this one he ran to get. He can't get enough of it and uses it as a technical guide to his building.

For his birthday he received some money, so on holiday I took him to a toy shop to spend some of it but we just couldn't find the right thing (that would fit in our suitcase), so I took him to a book/ stationary shop and he was like a kid in a sweet shop. Picking up sellotape, rubber bands, pens, get the idea. We finally settled on Magic tape and dispenser and felt tips. The roll of tape was finished within a week and the pens are used everyday for general plan/ instruction drawing.

Here he is building a church from plastic cups and his roll of sellotape.

An hour later we receive a delivery so he hijacks the box and begins his construction in the entrance hall, using more sellotape. I put an end to it when he asked for water to channel through his machine and the house!

Yesterday Lj and I were in the charity shop and saw this encyclopedia called 'Building', we knew he had to have it. He was delighted to receive it and after a quick flick he settled on the pages on mud construction. Next thing I knew he was in the garden constructing a mud house!

First attempt.


Second attempt. Filling the shuttering with mud.

He is learning by trial and error as he hates to be told but is happy to listen if he asks the questions first!

Sick children in cosy blankets

 Just yesterday a mum at school told me that this is 'tummy bug term', within 12hrs I was remembering her words and taking them more seriously. MJ went down with it first during the night and Lj followed suit after I noted it strange that she didn't eat all her breakfast, didn't want to eat any of the raspberries at the allotment (this one is v v v out of character) and then she didn't even want a biscuit before nap time.

As they rest I noted that the blankets which covered them had something/ someone in common. The patchwork quilt which Lj snuggled under was made my me in my teens as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award (learning a new skill). I was guided and taught very patiently by my friend Lyn. The blanket which keeps MJ cosy was beautifully crocheted by Lyn as a baby present for MJ.

So perhaps this is a good time to express my thanks to Lyn, not only for her presents and her patience but also for the prayers she has prayed for me and my family and for her example as a Godly wife, mother and friend.

Thank you Lyn xx

PS. Thanks also for the crochet books...currently on hat No. 7...soon to be blogged!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday morning

 Just another Saturday morning but this time I thought I would capture it!

6am- Lj wakes and calls out. I lift her out of her cot and she gets in beside us, along with baby doll and teddy. She informs us she needs breakfast, I'm not surprised as she barely touched dinner last night. I ask her to wait til MJ wakes.

6.15am- MJ joins us in bed. Meanwhile, Lj has her pjs and nappy off. I decide there is no more chance of sleep and get up to get breakfast started.

6.15am til 8am- We do breakfast, dressing, tidying...

M surveys his garden and veg, mentally preparing what needs to be done today.

MJ builds a tower and then a church out of plastic cups and sellotape.

LJ builds a tower to copy MJ

and I manage a couple of rows on my elf hat while keeping an eye on the tower building!

8am- It is boots or sandals on and we are off to the allotment to dig potatoes, pick raspberries, collect courgettes and pull runner beans, MJ on his bike, Lj and I on my bike and M with his wheelbarrow!

Just another Saturday did you spend yours?


Who is this girl?

She is fun loving, determined, independent, inquisitive and quick in action and mind. One minute these characteristics are charming and endearing and the next minute frustrating and in need of discipline. I continually find myself swinging between praising and cuddling her to getting cross and putting her on the naughty step.

Will I ever understand  the character behind the face painting?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nieces and Taggies

L is for Leah

O is for Olivia
I think I would have loved a 'Taggie' when I was small (I still find a satin label strangely comforting!) and now I find it very satisfying to make them. They are small, colourful and quick to assembly which in my eyes is the perfect project. With two new little nieces in the space of two weeks and a trip to N.I. to visit them I got cracking and produced an 'O for Olivia' and 'L for Leah'.

With a Christmas stall on my mind I'm thinking I should run up a few more and see if I can sell any, although I do like them personalised!

Father and Son

Following MJ's birthday my Mother in Law sent me a copy of M on his 5th birthday (taken 24 years ago!). M is far left in the picture above. It is interesting that M was also very keen on trains!

Below is a sleepy MJ opening his birthday presents. Everyone comments on how much Father and Son look alike but on comparing these photos I think there is a little of me in MJ too!