Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sick children in cosy blankets

 Just yesterday a mum at school told me that this is 'tummy bug term', within 12hrs I was remembering her words and taking them more seriously. MJ went down with it first during the night and Lj followed suit after I noted it strange that she didn't eat all her breakfast, didn't want to eat any of the raspberries at the allotment (this one is v v v out of character) and then she didn't even want a biscuit before nap time.

As they rest I noted that the blankets which covered them had something/ someone in common. The patchwork quilt which Lj snuggled under was made my me in my teens as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award (learning a new skill). I was guided and taught very patiently by my friend Lyn. The blanket which keeps MJ cosy was beautifully crocheted by Lyn as a baby present for MJ.

So perhaps this is a good time to express my thanks to Lyn, not only for her presents and her patience but also for the prayers she has prayed for me and my family and for her example as a Godly wife, mother and friend.

Thank you Lyn xx

PS. Thanks also for the crochet books...currently on hat No. 7...soon to be blogged!

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