Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday morning

 Just another Saturday morning but this time I thought I would capture it!

6am- Lj wakes and calls out. I lift her out of her cot and she gets in beside us, along with baby doll and teddy. She informs us she needs breakfast, I'm not surprised as she barely touched dinner last night. I ask her to wait til MJ wakes.

6.15am- MJ joins us in bed. Meanwhile, Lj has her pjs and nappy off. I decide there is no more chance of sleep and get up to get breakfast started.

6.15am til 8am- We do breakfast, dressing, tidying...

M surveys his garden and veg, mentally preparing what needs to be done today.

MJ builds a tower and then a church out of plastic cups and sellotape.

LJ builds a tower to copy MJ

and I manage a couple of rows on my elf hat while keeping an eye on the tower building!

8am- It is boots or sandals on and we are off to the allotment to dig potatoes, pick raspberries, collect courgettes and pull runner beans, MJ on his bike, Lj and I on my bike and M with his wheelbarrow!

Just another Saturday did you spend yours?

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