Saturday, 29 June 2013

Decorated Jute Bags

It is so lovely to receive a commission for something I have never tried before. 'Decorate Jute Bags for a Hen Party'. I really enjoyed the challenge of learning what paints, pens and glitter glues would work on these and what would not wash away in a shower of rain...they are destined for N.Ireland after all! Knowing a little about the Bride and Matron of Honour helped with what designs I should be put on.

Have a great Hen Party Cathy and I'm so pleased you like your bags!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lj's 3rd birthday

Lj wakes, bright eyed and bushy tailed and asks 'Is it my birthday today?' She has been talking about her birthday for months and months. It was almost like turning 3 was the ultimate lifetime goal. MJ helped her open her presents (intentionally staying out of all photos) and then it was time to get her new birthday dress on and take MJ to school.

She received beautiful presents and put them to good use straight away.

We decided on a 'Maisy' themed birthday party...narrowly beating 'Peppa Pig'! When her little girl friends arrived we opened more presents and sat down to read 'Happy Birthday Maisy'. Then just like Maisy in the story we played some party games, had a birthday feast and sang 'Happy Birthday'.

To decorate the cake I basically followed the front cover of 'Happy Birthday Maisy'. My new letter and shape cutters were well worth the investment!

Now as the day draws to a close I can't help thank God for our beautiful girl. He has blessed us with her as a daughter for 3 whole years! I hope I have many more parties to plan and cakes to decorate...but most of all I pray that she would grow up to be a women who desires to know God and bless those around her.

Lj Timeline...3rd birthday

 June 2010

 June 2011

June 2012

June 2013

My baby turned 3 today. We are having a simple but lovely day. MJ and I helped her open her presents this morning. She had some of her little friends around for a 'Maisy' themed birthday party and now we are waiting for Daddy, Auntie C, Uncle J and Zara to arrive for a birthday tea.

As I type she plays with her dolls house, singing and talking to herself all the time. She talks and treats her babies just how I deal with her. It worries me sometimes how she scolds them in exactly the way I do with her. She loves to play with her dolls, build puzzles and make things. This morning unsupervised she made a crown by drawing a zig zag line, cutting along the line, decorating it with stickers and then sticking it together with sellotape.
She loves to have friends come and play or to go to her friends house. Most mornings she wakes up and asks me who is coming to play or where we are going today.
She loves books. While I do MJ's reading in the morning before school she likes to sit beside us listening and once we are finished she takes the book and tries to sound out the words for herself. She can recognise her numbers and a few letters such as L, M, Z and J. She is learning to write her name and can do 'Lil' but is daunted by 'y'. She spends alot of her playtime colouring in and cutting but loves to draw on her hands, face and the floor too!!!
She loves to try new foods but finds it hard to sit at the table and finish a whole meal. She loves to snack, like her mum!
She has lots of energy and lots to say. She can hold her own and is not afraid to stand up for herself!
We are doing our best to teach her to obey her parents and to control her frustrations.
We love our beautifully quirky Lj.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Workshop 2.2 Make pretty bunting

Despite the torrential rain and dark skies outside we produced more bunting last night. I have a feeling that bunting will be taking over our town soon. Another good evening of sewing...well done ladies!

And great to hear that following last weeks bunting workshop most of the ladies have been producing more this week. Making bunting is very satisfying work!

Now I have a birthday cake to make for my little girl who is turning three on Monday. Birthday cakes make me feel nervous!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Finally we have a blind!

It has been a long process to get these blinds made and installed...

I have deliberated over what sort of curtains to make and have ordered many swatches of fabric before deciding on a roman blind in this Laura Ashley fabric. Once I committed to the fabric it took 3 hrs to make and 1hr to install. Now we will not have glare in our eyes when eating dinner or have the neighbours watching us eat but I have not resolved the issue of what to do with the side window panes which need to be covered up in winter to keep the room warmer.

I'm looking forward to making some more roman blinds but am thankful that we don't have any other windows quite as large as this one!

Monday, 17 June 2013

He built himself a bed

 The brief was to design and build a bed. It needed to fit in the space that was previously a built in wardrobe. It needed to be a single bed which could become a double when we have friends staying over. And it needed to store all the items that were in the wardrobe before the bed was in the wardrobe!

  Single bed...

Double bed!

I'd say my very clever and talented husband achieved the brief...and in two days flat!

Now the challenge is over to me to design and fit a curtain which will hide the storage underneath...but for now the kids can use it as a play den...which was not specified in the brief!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Rainy Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon we have had torential rain, thunder, lightning and now sunshine...meanwhile we have been keeping busy inside with all sorts of 'making'!

M is building a day bed which folds out to a double, in his study. Mj has been making a jigsaw out of Hama beads. Lj is painting and I have been covering a lampshade and creating a photo collage for a special birthday present.

A perfect afternoon despite the raindrops...

I should add that while painting Lj sings 'I hear thunder, I hear thunder. Hark don't you? Hark don't you? Pitter, patter rain drops, Pitter, patter rain drops. I'm wet through, so are you!'

Friday, 14 June 2013

Workshop 2.1 Make pretty bunting

Another lovely evening of sewing and socialising. I was really looking forward to another class tonight. It feels like a treat for me to have a bunch of lovely ladies in my house without children interrupting the conversation. And yet again I have picked up a new idea of how to put colours and patterns together...I think my next set of bunting with be all the better for it :)

Good work girls and thanks for a very enjoyable evening!

Zippy bags

My Mother in law has been making beautiful zippy bags for her friends and as I have 5 friends and a sister who have birthdays in the space of two weeks I thought I could steal her idea and copy her pattern! As with all patterns, it seemed a bit daunting to begin with. But once one is complete it gets much easier.

Of course, rather than get on with the presents I need to give in a couple of weeks I got side tracked on an idea of designing my own fabric with permanent Sharpie pens. So here is a pencil case for MJ's teacher!

I can see a lot of variations on the 'Zippy bag' happening!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cupcake printed noticeboard

 And finally...

Our cupcake printed fabric became a noticeboard for Nana (on the motorway). Now she can display all the beautiful pieces of artwork her Grankids produce for her :)