Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Rainy Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon we have had torential rain, thunder, lightning and now sunshine...meanwhile we have been keeping busy inside with all sorts of 'making'!

M is building a day bed which folds out to a double, in his study. Mj has been making a jigsaw out of Hama beads. Lj is painting and I have been covering a lampshade and creating a photo collage for a special birthday present.

A perfect afternoon despite the raindrops...

I should add that while painting Lj sings 'I hear thunder, I hear thunder. Hark don't you? Hark don't you? Pitter, patter rain drops, Pitter, patter rain drops. I'm wet through, so are you!'


  1. I love LJ - can I steal her please?!!!!

  2. Happy to book you in for some Lj time...tonight she replied to me with 'Mummy can you say it nicely and say please'...and the other day she told me off for saying a word I was using a N. Irish accent!!!