Saturday, 22 June 2013

Workshop 2.2 Make pretty bunting

Despite the torrential rain and dark skies outside we produced more bunting last night. I have a feeling that bunting will be taking over our town soon. Another good evening of sewing...well done ladies!

And great to hear that following last weeks bunting workshop most of the ladies have been producing more this week. Making bunting is very satisfying work!

Now I have a birthday cake to make for my little girl who is turning three on Monday. Birthday cakes make me feel nervous!


  1. Hey charis I didn't know that lj was 3 on Monday. Our little Zach is 3 on Sunday. Two precious little munchkins. On that note I thought you should know that we welcomed our third little one a month ago...Audrey Georgina. I do hope that one day our paths might cross again. You have a special place in my heart. Ceiny

  2. Lovely bunting Charis - I do envy you being able to run craft workshops, you're so lucky. And they're clearly a great success!

    Happy 3rd birthday to little LJ for Monday - I'm sure the cake will be another great success, so relax! LOL

    Julia x