Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Last week I...

Last week I was...
- Breaking down on the highway and needing to be towed by breakdown recovery back home.
- Living in the cold when our boiler ran out of oil and then had to have its filter replaced.
- Trying to stay friendly with our neighbour who is cutting down our trees.
- Herding a cow back into its field after it escaped through an open gate!
- Driving at 15 mph along a main road to take our poorly car to the garage.
- Visiting our new doctor with a poorly Ezra.
- Medicating Ezra with his first ever antibiotic to treat his sore ear.

- Chasing a mouse around our kitchen.
- Purchasing 10 mouse traps, mouse poison and throwing our plug in scarer in the bin.

Thankfully this week is turning out a little calmer although I wasn't sure how long the calm would last when I found my mobile phone bobbing in a puddle of tea yesterday!