Saturday, 31 October 2009

'bish gone?', 'tb gone?'

Translated: 'fish gone?' and 'tv gone?'.

Everything in Mjs little world seems to be changing.

Yesterday we went to the Fitzwilliam museum and while looking at the Egyptian artifacts in the display cabinets Mj suddenly through his hands in the air, palms pointed upwards and exclaimed...'bish gone' or in other words 'Where have the fish gone?'. Bless him he thought the glass display cabinets were fish tanks...easy mistake I guess for a two year old.

M and I have been re-evaluating (a good word) our lifestyle.
What makes us happy and what steals our joy? What makes us tired and what inspires us to live life fully?
It frustates us both that we can without noticing, spend lots of time in front of the television. We don't choose to sit and watch a show that we want to see. We slump on the sofa feeling tired and think that by watching some mind numbing trash we will be recharged and re inspired. It doesn't happen. We don't get recharged so we stay there, slumped on the sofa until it is bed time. Another evening wasted. One of the things which frustrates us the most is wasted time.
So, as our TV liscense and Sky package are due renewal today we thought we would not renew them and instead challenge ourselves to spend our evenings more productively without the TV as a crutch. We have re arranged the lounge without the TV now at which Mj through his hands up in the air, palms pointing upwards and exclaimed 'tb gone'...or in adult english 'Where has the TV gone?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

'If there's a rocket tie me to it'

This morning I feel like I am tied to a rocket.

I was going to title this 'all a bit frantic' but then I realised that the speed (fast) of the music in the background was probably not helping my franticness...I checked what it was that was playing and it was this track by Snow Patrol.

I always get like this when I'm trying to get organised to go away for a few days. I have one hundred and one things running through my head which I mustn't forget to pack or complete before we leave. My heart races, I run all over the house, I over heat and well dare anyone get in my way! By the time we leave I'm exhausted!

Thankfully my friend is very kindly taking mj off my hands for a few hours this morning.

Anyway, this post was meant too fill you in on the things I have been up too in the past (almost as frantic) days.

Learning the art of baking bread...which is not as complex a science as I thought!

Making a baby quilt for my mother to give to her collegue.

Being inspired by this book. Easily read, practical and challenging...the perfect book for me!

A surprise gift for a friend (so I can't disclose too many photos).

To do List:

Hang washing out when it stops raining (please stop!!!)
Clean bathroom
Clean out car
Pack car
Nip into town
Empty bins
Do recycling and composting
Read paper (then recycle)


Will tell you all about our trip when it happens...I'm really looking forward to it!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thanks Sylvia

On Tuesday we had our monthly 'Craft and Coffee' morning. As mentioned before, I was trying to knit some socks but with great frustration. I wasn't really sure what I was doing wrong but I knew it was wrong. It looked and felt wrong.

So I took it along on Tuesday and asked Sylvia for a tutorial. Within minutes we had recognised the problem and fixed it. I now feel confident to get 'thanks Sylvia'.

Honey and Lemon

1. Take one lemon, slice in half, remove pips and squeeze juice into mug.
2. Fill mug with water (just off the boil).
3. Add to mug one teaspoon of honey.
4. Stir
5. Sip and notice your razor blade throat sooth, aching head feel more bareable and mood lift miraculously.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday afternoon naptime

It is sunday afternoon and my two boys are napping but I'm feeling too restless to nap!
We have just had our annual 'thankyou' service and lunch so perhaps it is the slice of banoffee pie that is making me buzz and unable to rest.

Update- My blue fence is complete. I will take a photo when I have the planters back in position and tidied up. I'm so glad I went for the blue, I'm sure it will keep help keep me happy over the cold and dark winter months.

I'm feeling a bit creatively challenged at the moment. I started my knitted socks on Friday evening but got oh so frustrated with them. The needles are tidy and I was feeling fat fingered. I must have started over again about 6 times and am still barely started. Knitting club is tomorrow evening so I'm anxious that I won't have a project to bring along.

I also designed my Christmas cards this week. A bit early I know but normally I love to design them and get started making them, especially this year as I would like Mj to help. I came up with a design but just didn't feel 100% happy with it, so I got a second opinion and that wasn't 100% positive either so I have given it up and will start again.

In the creative world it is funny (in an interesting way) how sometimes things come together with such ease and yet some pieces are filled with frustration and doubt. If I have a project which I am unhappy about I find it difficult to stop and re evaluate or just stop for a break yet I know that this is probably exactly what needs to happen.

Life can be a bit like that too.

On a more positive note, this week should be an interesting one as I am meeting some Romanian friends tomorrow, have 'Craft and Coffee' on Tuesday and am going to an Architects conference on Wednesday.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

From grey to 'forget-me-not'


One hour later -almost finished but no paint or energy left!

Our garden was looking kinda grey, especially with the onset of winter. We have still some veg growing but apart from that there was no colour so I have been thinking about how I could brighten it up and make it more cheerful for the winter. The fence at the bottom of the garden didn't help the greyness and so I decided that if it received some TLC then it would help brighten the whole of the garden. The problem was deciding on a colour. I was tempted to go for yellow (can we get any brighter than that?) but felt it might be over kill. So blue it was, favouite colour (in any shade) which never fails to satisfy.

It will need another tin of paint to finish it off and then I can start accessorising! I would like to grow some tall plants against it, perhaps runner beans, sunflowers or sweetpea in a long white planter. I'm also imagining some candle lanterns hanging from it or some thing like the image below which is very cute.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New cardigan from old jumper!

I was unsure as to how I should title todays was almost 'Good weather for ducks'!

Yes, the rain is back with intent after a long absence. I used to hate the rain as it made me feel so moody and lifeless. Not a good thing when you grow up in Northern Ireland! However, while a student in Bath (where rain is also common) I decided one day that rather than let the rain depress me I should try and find some beauty in it. So instead of drawing the curtains in an attempt to shield myself from it I would enjoy the patterns that it made as it landed on and rolled down the window. Instead of hunching up my shoulders and running frantically through the shower I would relax my shoulders and just enjoy the change of smell in the air and the noise as it bounced off various surfaces.

I was reminded of those days on my walk home from toddlers with Mj in his buggy today. We don't get much rain here so I was out of practice in 'experiencing' the rain.

Once Mj wakes from his mid day nap I plan to get his wellies, coat and hat on and go in search of a big puddle so that he too can learn that rain is for enjoying!

On returning home in the rain I went to change my wet clothes and came across this jumper/ cardigan. I re styled it back in June after being on holiday in Cornwall and meeting a lady who takes jumpers and re styles them. She did some amazing things to old jumpers but she didn't have a website so I am unable to share her creative work with you. However she has a market stall in Marazion (near St Michaels Mound, Cornwall) on sundays, if you are ever that way!

I never liked the shape of this jumper, it was too short and not very flattering but I did like that it was 100% wool and very cosy on a cool day, so inspired by the re styling lady I thought I would try some re styling of my own. It was so easy. I cut it up the middle, ran a zig zag stitch round the raw edges and added a button...finished! Just the type of project I love.

Now, if it is raining with you today, don't be sad that the summer is over but be happy because the ducks are loving it!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

A new week begins again...but a moment to reflect on one past

The river Cam at Audley End House. It has got to be one of the most tranquil landscapes, if we didn't have to keep an eye on an excited 2 year old!

John eating the apple pancakes as quick as they cooked on the pan.

Our first batch of spinach- eaten on pizza and then as creamed spinach as part of our sunday lunch.

My favourite- apple pancakes, simple but delicious.

Finally I got around to pickling some beetroot from our allotment. My finger nails are still pink!

I can't quite believe we are starting a new week. Last week seems to have flown by without me finding time to catch my tail! I had a friend staying so we had lots of nice outings, including a day in beautiful Cambridge and another day in busy London. Saturday was spent surrounded by food, picking it, cooking it, pickling it and eating it.

Now I feel I need to rest and map out the week ahead. This week I want to: continue reading 'Knit Two' by Kate Jacobs, I really hope it is as good as 'The friday night knitting club' by the same author and start knitting some socks (I found a great little sewing/ knitting shop in Cambridge and couldn't resist buying into another project) as well as all the other things which fill the average week!

I will be in touch.

Hope you have a good week.