Sunday, 4 October 2009

A new week begins again...but a moment to reflect on one past

The river Cam at Audley End House. It has got to be one of the most tranquil landscapes, if we didn't have to keep an eye on an excited 2 year old!

John eating the apple pancakes as quick as they cooked on the pan.

Our first batch of spinach- eaten on pizza and then as creamed spinach as part of our sunday lunch.

My favourite- apple pancakes, simple but delicious.

Finally I got around to pickling some beetroot from our allotment. My finger nails are still pink!

I can't quite believe we are starting a new week. Last week seems to have flown by without me finding time to catch my tail! I had a friend staying so we had lots of nice outings, including a day in beautiful Cambridge and another day in busy London. Saturday was spent surrounded by food, picking it, cooking it, pickling it and eating it.

Now I feel I need to rest and map out the week ahead. This week I want to: continue reading 'Knit Two' by Kate Jacobs, I really hope it is as good as 'The friday night knitting club' by the same author and start knitting some socks (I found a great little sewing/ knitting shop in Cambridge and couldn't resist buying into another project) as well as all the other things which fill the average week!

I will be in touch.

Hope you have a good week.

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