Wednesday, 21 October 2009

'If there's a rocket tie me to it'

This morning I feel like I am tied to a rocket.

I was going to title this 'all a bit frantic' but then I realised that the speed (fast) of the music in the background was probably not helping my franticness...I checked what it was that was playing and it was this track by Snow Patrol.

I always get like this when I'm trying to get organised to go away for a few days. I have one hundred and one things running through my head which I mustn't forget to pack or complete before we leave. My heart races, I run all over the house, I over heat and well dare anyone get in my way! By the time we leave I'm exhausted!

Thankfully my friend is very kindly taking mj off my hands for a few hours this morning.

Anyway, this post was meant too fill you in on the things I have been up too in the past (almost as frantic) days.

Learning the art of baking bread...which is not as complex a science as I thought!

Making a baby quilt for my mother to give to her collegue.

Being inspired by this book. Easily read, practical and challenging...the perfect book for me!

A surprise gift for a friend (so I can't disclose too many photos).

To do List:

Hang washing out when it stops raining (please stop!!!)
Clean bathroom
Clean out car
Pack car
Nip into town
Empty bins
Do recycling and composting
Read paper (then recycle)


Will tell you all about our trip when it happens...I'm really looking forward to it!

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