Saturday, 31 October 2009

'bish gone?', 'tb gone?'

Translated: 'fish gone?' and 'tv gone?'.

Everything in Mjs little world seems to be changing.

Yesterday we went to the Fitzwilliam museum and while looking at the Egyptian artifacts in the display cabinets Mj suddenly through his hands in the air, palms pointed upwards and exclaimed...'bish gone' or in other words 'Where have the fish gone?'. Bless him he thought the glass display cabinets were fish tanks...easy mistake I guess for a two year old.

M and I have been re-evaluating (a good word) our lifestyle.
What makes us happy and what steals our joy? What makes us tired and what inspires us to live life fully?
It frustates us both that we can without noticing, spend lots of time in front of the television. We don't choose to sit and watch a show that we want to see. We slump on the sofa feeling tired and think that by watching some mind numbing trash we will be recharged and re inspired. It doesn't happen. We don't get recharged so we stay there, slumped on the sofa until it is bed time. Another evening wasted. One of the things which frustrates us the most is wasted time.
So, as our TV liscense and Sky package are due renewal today we thought we would not renew them and instead challenge ourselves to spend our evenings more productively without the TV as a crutch. We have re arranged the lounge without the TV now at which Mj through his hands up in the air, palms pointing upwards and exclaimed 'tb gone'...or in adult english 'Where has the TV gone?

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