Thursday, 8 October 2009

From grey to 'forget-me-not'


One hour later -almost finished but no paint or energy left!

Our garden was looking kinda grey, especially with the onset of winter. We have still some veg growing but apart from that there was no colour so I have been thinking about how I could brighten it up and make it more cheerful for the winter. The fence at the bottom of the garden didn't help the greyness and so I decided that if it received some TLC then it would help brighten the whole of the garden. The problem was deciding on a colour. I was tempted to go for yellow (can we get any brighter than that?) but felt it might be over kill. So blue it was, favouite colour (in any shade) which never fails to satisfy.

It will need another tin of paint to finish it off and then I can start accessorising! I would like to grow some tall plants against it, perhaps runner beans, sunflowers or sweetpea in a long white planter. I'm also imagining some candle lanterns hanging from it or some thing like the image below which is very cute.

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