Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday afternoon naptime

It is sunday afternoon and my two boys are napping but I'm feeling too restless to nap!
We have just had our annual 'thankyou' service and lunch so perhaps it is the slice of banoffee pie that is making me buzz and unable to rest.

Update- My blue fence is complete. I will take a photo when I have the planters back in position and tidied up. I'm so glad I went for the blue, I'm sure it will keep help keep me happy over the cold and dark winter months.

I'm feeling a bit creatively challenged at the moment. I started my knitted socks on Friday evening but got oh so frustrated with them. The needles are tidy and I was feeling fat fingered. I must have started over again about 6 times and am still barely started. Knitting club is tomorrow evening so I'm anxious that I won't have a project to bring along.

I also designed my Christmas cards this week. A bit early I know but normally I love to design them and get started making them, especially this year as I would like Mj to help. I came up with a design but just didn't feel 100% happy with it, so I got a second opinion and that wasn't 100% positive either so I have given it up and will start again.

In the creative world it is funny (in an interesting way) how sometimes things come together with such ease and yet some pieces are filled with frustration and doubt. If I have a project which I am unhappy about I find it difficult to stop and re evaluate or just stop for a break yet I know that this is probably exactly what needs to happen.

Life can be a bit like that too.

On a more positive note, this week should be an interesting one as I am meeting some Romanian friends tomorrow, have 'Craft and Coffee' on Tuesday and am going to an Architects conference on Wednesday.

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