Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New cardigan from old jumper!

I was unsure as to how I should title todays blog...it was almost 'Good weather for ducks'!

Yes, the rain is back with intent after a long absence. I used to hate the rain as it made me feel so moody and lifeless. Not a good thing when you grow up in Northern Ireland! However, while a student in Bath (where rain is also common) I decided one day that rather than let the rain depress me I should try and find some beauty in it. So instead of drawing the curtains in an attempt to shield myself from it I would enjoy the patterns that it made as it landed on and rolled down the window. Instead of hunching up my shoulders and running frantically through the shower I would relax my shoulders and just enjoy the change of smell in the air and the noise as it bounced off various surfaces.

I was reminded of those days on my walk home from toddlers with Mj in his buggy today. We don't get much rain here so I was out of practice in 'experiencing' the rain.

Once Mj wakes from his mid day nap I plan to get his wellies, coat and hat on and go in search of a big puddle so that he too can learn that rain is for enjoying!

On returning home in the rain I went to change my wet clothes and came across this jumper/ cardigan. I re styled it back in June after being on holiday in Cornwall and meeting a lady who takes jumpers and re styles them. She did some amazing things to old jumpers but she didn't have a website so I am unable to share her creative work with you. However she has a market stall in Marazion (near St Michaels Mound, Cornwall) on sundays, if you are ever that way!

I never liked the shape of this jumper, it was too short and not very flattering but I did like that it was 100% wool and very cosy on a cool day, so inspired by the re styling lady I thought I would try some re styling of my own. It was so easy. I cut it up the middle, ran a zig zag stitch round the raw edges and added a button...finished! Just the type of project I love.

Now, if it is raining with you today, don't be sad that the summer is over but be happy because the ducks are loving it!

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