Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lj timeline

 25th June 2010

 24th June 2011

24th June 2012

Happy Birthday Lj

Today we celebrated Lj's 2nd birthday.

Mummy gets a quick cuddle before the fun begins.

Opening presents with a very excited expression on her face. MJ stays close waiting for an opportunity to help and watched by Nanna and Grandad (on the motorway).

Trying out the new items in their market stall, which has now doubled in size!

 I want to encourage generous spirits within my children so I feel it is important for them to give each other gifts on their birthdays. I don't mind if they make something or buy something as long as they have thought about what the one they are buying for might like. MJ and I found this little dress in the charity shop and we agreed it would be a nice present for Lj. He had fun wrapping it, putting a bow on and making her a card.

A helping hand from big brother to blow out the candles.

MJ and I designed and made the cake together. Lj loves to watch 'in the night garden' and she also loves to pick daisies when we are out walking so we decided on that theme. I have not used pre coloured icing before and thought I would be able to blend them like paints but it didn't produce the colours I wanted therefore Upsy Daisy is not quite the right colours and I felt a bit disappointed with the outcome. But at least everyone recognised her as 'Upsy Daisy'!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Almost 2yrs old

 In two days time Lj turns 2. She has made so much progress in the past year it amazes me how the little brain can develop so quickly. She took her first step this time last year and is now running, jumping and riding a scooter. She will attempt to climb anything (she was at the top of the loft ladder in seconds this morning!). I no longer have to lift her in and out of her high chair and we often find her climbing in and out of her cousins pram.

She chatters to herself continually and loves to read stories to her baby doll. She now repeats what we say as if she wants to practise saying all the words that we say. For awhile she has been calling my sister 'doa doa' (not sure if that is the correct spelling :) ) and did so this morning but then all over a sudden, literally at lunch time she started pronouncing her name correctly.

Her favourite toy has to be her baby doll. In the photo above she has baby lying on the step next to her with a blanket over her while Lj pretends to have her lunch. Every now and again she will look down at baby, fix her blanket or offer her some food. She pushes baby in her pram to MJ's school at least once a day. Making sure to have hat and blanket on baby, her nappy bag over her shoulder and her own scarf on.

In this photo she is changing baby dolls nappy. Of course she likes to clean her with a wipe before putting a new nappy on.

Her new trick has come through copying her brothers example and as she is the earlier riser she now does breakfast! Check out the weetibix in each bowl with a fairly generous helping of sugar! The first morning I came down stairs to find this, I walked through the door, she innocently looked up at me and said 'milk?' NB she is not as tall as the work top, she is standing on her step!

Who knows what the next skill will be but I can be sure that I will realise it tomorrow as this girl never misses an opportunity to learn and develop.

Happy Birthday (for Sunday) my beautiful girl.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

'New house'

Well M was right, we were an internet free zone for 3 weeks. Today 3 weeks ago we moved to our new house and today we have internet again!

MJ was a little super star and really helped with taping up boxes and packing his own room up. He is a boy who loves to be helpful and loves to have a task to get into especially if it is working alongside a grown up!

I didn't think we had very much stuff until I started filling boxes. It was hard work and the weather was hot! Thankfully we didn't have any injuries although after the back came off a bookcase and fell on Lj I decided that I would have to do most of the packing when she was asleep. 

And so after all the packing, within a few hours the removers had everything in their van and we were off. M went on ahead while I took a little moment to take a few photos and say goodbye.

I am thanking God everyday for our new house, it feels like such a blessing to have more space and I find myself much more relaxed within myself and with the kids schedule. We are blessed with not only a new house but a lovely street on which to live.

M and I do not have much patience so the first weekend we were in we decided to get going on the lounge/ dining room. We took down curtains, painted walls and wood work and took up the carpet. On the second weekend we laid a new laminate floor.

The other rooms are livable for now! So we just moved in to those and sorted our things.

Our playroom /craft room...The kids toys and cafe/ shop are at one end, futon in the middle and my craft table and supplies at the other end. All my craft supplies are to hand (I used to have some under our bed, some in the room space, some in the get the idea).  This room is amazing for us as it leads into the utility room and garden at the back and my table overlooks the cul de sac at the front so I can work and see the kids playing, where ever they are!

I'm trying hard to get the garden in shape before Lj's birthday on Sunday and our visitors arriving next week. If the sun is shining I want us to be able to eat outside and enjoy the sunshine. I'm planning a herb garden at my kitchen door, a eating area, cooking area and a play area. Last night I was dreaming of making a play house on stilts at one end of the garden but I think I am being over ambitious with my time and resources so instead i'm going to encourage my Dad to come and stay for a week to build it for me :)

Oh, and did I mention that our house backs onto a lovely park and play area! Truelly blessed!