Sunday, 24 June 2012

Happy Birthday Lj

Today we celebrated Lj's 2nd birthday.

Mummy gets a quick cuddle before the fun begins.

Opening presents with a very excited expression on her face. MJ stays close waiting for an opportunity to help and watched by Nanna and Grandad (on the motorway).

Trying out the new items in their market stall, which has now doubled in size!

 I want to encourage generous spirits within my children so I feel it is important for them to give each other gifts on their birthdays. I don't mind if they make something or buy something as long as they have thought about what the one they are buying for might like. MJ and I found this little dress in the charity shop and we agreed it would be a nice present for Lj. He had fun wrapping it, putting a bow on and making her a card.

A helping hand from big brother to blow out the candles.

MJ and I designed and made the cake together. Lj loves to watch 'in the night garden' and she also loves to pick daisies when we are out walking so we decided on that theme. I have not used pre coloured icing before and thought I would be able to blend them like paints but it didn't produce the colours I wanted therefore Upsy Daisy is not quite the right colours and I felt a bit disappointed with the outcome. But at least everyone recognised her as 'Upsy Daisy'!

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