Monday, 24 June 2013

Lj's 3rd birthday

Lj wakes, bright eyed and bushy tailed and asks 'Is it my birthday today?' She has been talking about her birthday for months and months. It was almost like turning 3 was the ultimate lifetime goal. MJ helped her open her presents (intentionally staying out of all photos) and then it was time to get her new birthday dress on and take MJ to school.

She received beautiful presents and put them to good use straight away.

We decided on a 'Maisy' themed birthday party...narrowly beating 'Peppa Pig'! When her little girl friends arrived we opened more presents and sat down to read 'Happy Birthday Maisy'. Then just like Maisy in the story we played some party games, had a birthday feast and sang 'Happy Birthday'.

To decorate the cake I basically followed the front cover of 'Happy Birthday Maisy'. My new letter and shape cutters were well worth the investment!

Now as the day draws to a close I can't help thank God for our beautiful girl. He has blessed us with her as a daughter for 3 whole years! I hope I have many more parties to plan and cakes to decorate...but most of all I pray that she would grow up to be a women who desires to know God and bless those around her.


  1. Lovely cake Charis - and it looks as though LJ has already put the little quilt and pillow great nanny made to good use!

    Julia x

  2. Julia...she loves her new cot and blanket.