Friday, 12 February 2010

It's gratitude friday again!

It is with mixed feelings that I attempt a 'gratitude friday' post this week.

This week has been filled with tiredness and frustration. Frustration over my mobile phone dying since Mj baptised it in a glass of water. It was only 4 days old...I am still mourning! Tiredness from a series of rough nights, due to crazy pregnancy induced dreams and a restless 2 year old.

But this is 'gratitude friday' so enough of the self pity and onto some things which I can look back on and smile.

Mj's insistance that his dog must have a dish of water each day.

No more muddy footprints on the car seats. Finally, I get around to making a cover from vinyl for the back of the passenger car seat. I wanted to sew some pockets on for Mj's drink bottle, snacks and activities but I just can't sew on vinyl. Apparently I need a teflon foot for my sewing machine, so am watching out for that. I didn't quite think in time of how the spotty fabric might be a bit difficult to look at...perhaps I should have choosen something more calming...but I do love spots!

A new peg bag. I love it for so many reasons...such as...I really needed one, the colour (it matches my kitchen too), the print, the cost (50p in our local charity shop). I would love to know how old it is...any ideas?

Now as I think of things I can be thankful for I feel like the list is endless...and that is why you too should try taking part in 'gratitude friday'. It is good for the soul.

And parents and brother are arriving tonight so I have 4 days of things to look forward too...I had better get some cleaning done : )

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