Friday, 4 July 2014

Mud kitchen play

 Today the kids had a day off school so I encouraged them outside into the sunshine to play with Lj's new mud kitchen. It was lovely to hear them talking to each other as they planned their menu and began making some mud based dishes for their cafe. I encouraged them a little with what ingredients to use such as the fallen pine cones, flower petals and leaves. It is handy to have the water butt where they can use the tap to access water and they love to add plenty of mud and stones to the mix.

I supplied a marker and some cardboard and MJ set about making the cafe menu and price list. In his home learning time earlier in the morning we had been adding and subtracting money values. So it was great for him to practise this in a different setting although I did think £10 for his banana smoothie was a little pricey so he reduced it to £5.

Lj mixing up a concoction of mud, pine cones, leaves and water...yum!!!

And finally me, enjoying the outdoor cafe environment, free wifi and a bowl of homemade banana soup!

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