Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer bucket list #01 Marble run

 It was early on Saturday morning and MJ had already been asking if he could play Minecraft. I told him to have a look at our 'Summer Bucket List' which I had placed on the fridge. As he read through the things listed his eyes lit up as he read 'marble run'. Mum had sent him some marbles a few days previous and I had been collecting cardboard tubes in the hope we could make a marble run, having seen them before on Pinterest. I showed him a You tube video of what I had in mind and as he watched you could see the excitement building in him.

I thought it was interesting that he started at the bottom of the marble run and worked his way to the top. Lj was his masking tape cutting assistant!

He tested it at every point. I heard him say 'It is going too fast, we need to slow it down'. 'This needs a support so the marble doesn't fall off'.

Turning it into a maths lesson we decided to charge per run. He said 'But what if they give me £1'...and then he started counting...'They will get 20 goes!'. He explained to his Dad that any money they got would go to a charity for 'working dogs'. Bless him, he has a real heart for the poor and needy.

The run is complete and I have a v proud and excited boy!

Outside it goes to try out on the neighbours. Lj brought in the punters and MJ explained what had to be done. Team work and a good Saturday mornings entertainment.

To make your own marble run all you need is a roll of masking tape, cardboard tubes, a collecting tub and some marbles...go is alot of fun!


  1. Love the idea - great to see team work.

  2. Great job Mj, I remember the boys at LM made a huge run the full wall of the living room!!!

  3. I saw a similar thing with plastic tubing but good to see cardboard tubes work just as well. Looks like fun!

  4. Just letting you know, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s a fun little activity you can do when you’re bored and it’s a good way of promoting new/small blogs, but above all I nominated you because I love your wee blog, seeing what you're creating today and of course you deserve it!! If you’re interested you can check out the details here