Sunday, 15 July 2012

'Oak' No. 5

 Hatfield Forest has always been a very special place for us and I have posted photos taken in it a number of times but who would have believed it could get even better! The new jetty which we watched being built and wondered why our duck feeding/ wellie boot paddling spot had been lost has actually become a dock for beautiful rowing boats. MJ is captivated by boats at the moment so he could not contain his excitement and oh my the excitement when we suggested trying one out.
I kept a firm hand on Lj while MJ and Sarah did the rowing. I was very impressed at how quickly MJ picked up the rowing action...'like a duck to water!!!' I think there may be a few more rowing trips ahead. Thank you National Trust for a good day turned fantastic!

Captain Jay!

R, F, A and bump...another reason to come back for a visit I think!

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