Friday, 3 August 2012

Scandinavia 2012

 We have just returned from a busy, fun, relaxing and inspiring trip to Scandinavia. This is a small selection of our photos.

Our itinerary:
Day 1: Arrive in and explore Stockholm, Sweden
Day 2: Board the Vision of the seas Cruise Ship
Day 3: Helsinki, Finland
Day 4: St Petersburg, Russia
Day 5: Ethnographic Outdoor Museum, Riga, Latvia
Day 6: Day at sea
Day 7: Gdansk, Poland and the Amber Museum
Day 8: Visby and the Viking Museum, Gotland
Day 9: Leave our ship and check out Skansen, Stockholm
Day 10: Royal Palace, Stockholm and return home.

Skansen:: Experience mini Sweden through history.

The Columbus Hotel, Stockholm:: Highly recommended

Folk dancing at the Ethnographic Museum, Riga, Latvia

A hot day in Gdansk, Poland:: Exploring the city and learning all about Amber

The beautiful city of Visby on the Island of Gotland.

Tour guide:: Memorising the map of Stockholm!

Stockholm's old town.

The rock church, Helsinki :: Amazing building...inspiring.

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki, Finland

Hermitage, St Petersburg

Viking Museum, Gotland

Vision of the Seas.

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