Sunday, 26 August 2012

Two wheels

 After one year of fighting with stabilisers/training wheels and not really getting anywhere we decided to remove his pedals. Once his pedals were out of the way he was free to learn how to balance, scooting himself along using his feet. Two weeks later we put the pedals back on and he was riding straight away. NB if you want to teach your child to ride a bike either get them a balance bike before you buy a normal bike or use the cheaper option of removing the pedals on your normal bike.

I feel so proud of him and my aim of getting him to ride his bike before he went back to school has been achieved!

Of course Lj needed a photo taken of her on her scooter too!


  1. Clever boy! And clever girl too of course - love the photo on FB of the children with grandma nad grandad:0) x

  2. Julia, Thanks so much for the cake decorating book...I actually have the other one in that series. I wish I could make these but not quite at that stage out for my next cake creation!

  3. Brilliant that he can now ride his bike. Lots of visits to the allotment now on the bike but daddy will have to walk fast to keep up!!!!

  4. Thanks Charis - great idea. We've got a bike for little Zach but I heard of the benefit of using a balance bike first. I think I'll be out to the shed to remove some pedals!