Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ribbons for your pennies

We were given a set of Blackberry farm books. They must be 40yrs old. You can still buy them on Amazon but in a new format. Lj loves to look at them and have me read them to her.

'Saturday at Blackberry Farm' is about the animals receiving their Saturday pocket money and what they would spend it on in Sam Sparrows shop. The story is delightful and a nice lesson on serving others. However the reason I am blogging about it is because I keep being drawn to what Posy wants to spend her pocket money on. 'I want a new bit of ribbon for my dress,' said Posy. Personally this is what I would want to spend my pocket money on too but how many little girls get the chance to spend their pocket money on a bit of ribbon, a button or a piece of fabric. Some of the little girls I know would love to spend their pocket money on a new outfit for their 'build a bear' or a 'Usbourne, sticker fashion design' book...but I wonder, I wonder if they had the opportunity would they rather make their doll a little outfit from a bit of fabric they had chosen or indeed design and make their own clothes...even if this just means sewing a bit of ribbon to their skirt?

I still dream of opening a craft shop. In fact there are two units vacant in our local shopping area and every time I walk past I dream of my craft shop. Somewhere where little girls (and bigger girls!!!) could spend their pocket money. Somewhere to come and learn how to re customise a skirt, or make a new outfit for a doll.

M and I have had the conversation on making this a reality a number of times but every time it comes down to unanswerable questions.
Would it make enough profit to make it worthwhile?
Would the hours I would have to put in mean that our family life would suffer?
Would I be better just getting a job in a local Architecture practice when Lj starts school?

etc etc

The questions remain unanswered but the dream is still very much alive in my heart!


  1. Oh my dear friend, Saturday at Blackberry Farm was my favourite story growing up. My Gran had it at her house and I always looked forward to getting it out of the drawer when I went to visit - even in my teen years. Thank you so much for reminding my of my childhood pleasures!

  2. Oh ceiny thanks for your comment...imagine you as a child in Aussie reading these books...it is a small world...hope you are all well. Big hugs, xxx