Saturday, 23 March 2013

My first workshop!

It is almost exactly a year ago when we were looking to sell our house and buy something a bit bigger that I came on my own to view this one. It was a beautiful sunny day and I cycled across the park to see it. The sales man laughed at me on my probably would have taken three times as long to drive! From the minute I walked through the front door I loved it. I didn't love the peach walls and orange velvet curtains, or the brown and heavily patterned carpet in the lounge and dining but I did love the sunshine streaming through the large windows and the large open plan lounge and diner. A couple of days later M came with me for a second viewing and we put in an offer, which was accepted.

From that time I have been thinking about what an ideal space the lounge and dinning area are for entertaining. We have put it to good use so far but I want to use it more. I can see women sitting round the table with their sewing machines humming. The lounge rug rolled back and more women cutting fabric on the hard floors. Me nipping in and out of the kitchen, making tea and serving cake. Perhaps some chilled out music in the background and plenty of chattering voices in the foreground.

But for me, it is easy to dream...a little more difficult to put those dreams into action! So here I am, putting myself, my dream and our house out there in the public eye with this first workshop.

As I read my bible this morning I was guided to Proverbs 16v3 which says 'Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.' I have been praying often for this venture of bringing women together so I know that if it is a success it is because of God's blessing.

So if you live close by, come and join us and if you live far away then please pray for us! Thank you!


  1. You are so awesome!!!!! I hope you get lots of interest. I so wish we were closer. I have such similar plans/dreams although I'm not as good at getting them into action. Going to email you asap to chat Much love Sara x

  2. Oh I look forward to your email. I'm not really good at getting into action...this is a year of dreaming! I wish you lived closer too :(

    1. Irisanncarrier@gmail.com27 March 2013 at 20:56

      Hi Charis congratulations on having such a wonderful idea of a workshop to take place in your own home! I must say how much I admire you for going ahead with a dream and carrying it out and I am sure it will be a success! I just wish I had done something like this many years ago - It was something I always wanted to do, but never really had the courage to put my ideas into practice and now although I am still making crafts and baking etc.,etc., and still attending a Stitch & Knit class have always regretted not going head and doing something more positive about it! So good luck with your workshop and may this be the start of wonderful things for the future! Keep me posted! Iris x

    2. Thank you Iris...your encouragements mean so much to me. If only you too lived closer you could run your dream teashop from my craft workshop :) Keep making and have a lovely Easter. Cx