Sunday, 10 March 2013

Just now

It is Sunday morning...

We will be leaving for church shortly but before that we are getting a few chores done in preparation for my Aunt arriving this evening.

The weather is miserable, a mixture of sleet and rain. No hope of my two loads of washing drying outside. I wonder if M will be able to bear our house looking like a Chinese laundry today?! We will probably have the discussion AGAIN about why I won't use the tumble dryer.

Lj carries her full potty to show me, pleased with her efforts, spilling it on the floor as she nears me. Leaving the potty with me she returns to her baby doll, knocking the drying clothes from the radiator as she walks past.

I have set MJ the task of tidying the play room...he is on a mission and doing a great job...perhaps a little too great as it is frustrating Lj immensely that he keeps tidying away anything she sets down!

I should be getting on with the hoovering now but instead I decide it is more important to take some photos in day light of my latest creation. A personalised wedding gift for some family friends.

The last load of washing is where to hang it?!

Oh and by the way 'Happy Mother's Day'.

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