Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wishing it was summer!

As the cold and grey days drag on, here at Lilyjean central we are dreaming of summer days! MJ has been asking if he can wear his sandals for what seems like months now and Lj complains of feeling cold almost everyday.

Lj suits the colour blue beautifully so I wanted to make her a blue summer dress. This fabric I purchased last summer to make her some capri pants. The fabric for the back of the dress is a mixture of tea towel and a mans shirt (my neighbours husband to be exact!). (I love that my new neighbours donate their families no longer in use clothes to my fabric stash...another reason I love our new house!).

The pattern for this little skirt came from the book 'Making Children's Clothes'. It is a simple pattern but the books instructions makes it look more difficult than it needs to be. The pattern also made it much to wide so I used the ribbon and ric rac at the seams to narrow it and give it a better shape on Lj.

We are also rather pleased that it matches Lj's favourite Upsey Daisy T-shirt...we are ready for summer!

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