Saturday, 2 February 2013

The mystery of the Lonely Planet guides

This is how M's collection of Lonely Planet guides normally sit on his study shelf.

Over the past week or so each time he returned to his study in the evening he would find that his books were arranged in this fashion. It was always exactly the same three books and arranged the same way. Neither of us saw MJ or Lj arranging them and so it became the mystery of the Lonely Planet guides.

I knew it had to be Lj who was doing it but we couldn't believe that a 2 year old would be able to pick out the same books each time (we were trying to trick her and would move their order around each time we replaced them). Then last night before bedtime we decided to ask her which were her favourite books on the shelf and she went straight to these and arranged them as she has been doing all week. She couldn't explain to us why she liked these ones best and we are no clearer on why she likes these ones but we do continue to laugh at our little girls quirkiness!

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  1. She likes the quirky house and the other 2 are funky shoes!!!