Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sharing his sweets

MJ came out of his classroom at pick up time waving a small packet of Haribo sweets. It was one of his classmates birthday and he had given them all a treat. I asked him to put them in his pocket and he could eat them when he got home.

On arriving home he sat at the table and divided up his sweets into piles. A pile for his cousin, his sister, his mum, his dad and himself. He divided out the sweets equally and we all tucked in. We all had 3 sweets each.

I am amazed at this boys generous heart. He loves to fact he is evidence of the joy we receive from giving. I genuinely think he enjoys giving them away more than eating them himself.

As I told M the story later in the day we remarked...'where does he get that characteristic from???'

I pray as he grows older he does not become tainted by this worlds greed and selfishness but continues to be more and more generous.

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