Wednesday, 7 January 2015

'Jesus and his miracles' Wednesday club #5

Christmas is over, the kids are back at school and I'm trying to catch up all that has not been completed in the past 3 weeks. I didn't even get round to posting this on the last week of Wednesday club. Better late than never!

As last week we had a few kids absent and this week being the last before Christmas I thought we would do some recapping and a fun edible craft.

To get a good understanding of why Jesus was special by considering the miracles that he performed.

We will watch the first 15mins of The beginners bible story of Jesus and his Miracles

In twos or threes the children choose from the hat a miracle that Jesus performed. Then they will reenact it in front of the other children while they try to guess which miracle is being acted out.
You could also have props on a tray for example- small boat, fish, doctors kit, empty jugs, water, wine for the children to guess the miracle.

Memory Verse
We will recap the two verses we have learnt so far.
John 3v16
Matthew 1v21


Edible snowmen using marshmallows, giant chocolate buttons, smarties/midge gems (to construct hat), melted white chocolate (to attach the pieces together), strawberry laces (scarf), matchmakers/pretzels (for arms), decorating pens (eyes and mouth) and cake pop sticks or strong straws to push the marshmallows on to.

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