Wednesday, 7 January 2015

'Jesus Turns Water into Wine' Wednesday club #6

Jesus' first miracle- He Turns the Water into Wine at the Wedding in Cana.

Aim: Performing miracles is something only God can do, and turning the water into wine is no exception! 
Opening game:
As we are thinking about Jesus and his mother at a wedding we began by designing wedding dresses from crepe paper and masking tape. With three in each group someone was the bride and the other two designed and made the dress on the bride.

Jesus and His Disciples were invited to a Wedding
• How many of you have ever been to a wedding? (Wait for answers; some of them may have even been IN a wedding – flower girl, ring bearer, etc.
Allow the children to tell you a little about weddings.)
• During a wedding a bride and a groom come together and are married.
• They invite their friends and family to be there.
• They used to have weddings a long time ago (during Jesus’ time) too.
• Jesus and His Disciples were invited to a wedding at Cana in Galilee.
Jesus’ mother, Mary, was there too!
• You remember Mary, Jesus’ mother.
Review who Mary is.
Talk about the Christmas story some, if necessary.
• Mary was invited to the wedding as well.
• She was there along with Jesus and His Disciples.
• Mary is an important part of this story.
During the Wedding Feast, they ran out of wine.
• Wedding feasts back then usually lasted several days.
• During the feasts, the families of the bride and groom would stay together and eat and drink together.
• It was considered very important to have enough food and drink for everyone who was at the celebration for all those days.
• But at this celebration, they ran out of wine! (Uh oh!)
• Mary came to Jesus and told Him.
• Jesus said to her “Woman, why do you involve me? My hour has not yet come.”
• But Mary told the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.”
Jesus performed a miracle: He turned water into wine.
• There were 6 big stone water containers sitting there.
• Jesus told the servants to fill them all up with water.
• They filled them all the way up (20-30 gallons each!)
• Then He told them to dip out of one of the containers and take it to the Master of the Feast.

Help the children visualise what happened. Put a few drops of red food colouring in the bottom of 6 large glasses. From a jug of water, pour water into each glass. The kids were amazed as they hadn't seen the red food colouring in the glass beforehand.

• When the servants took him the cup, it was full of wine!
• It was the best wine of all!
His Disciples believed in Him!
• Jesus would do other miracles later, but this was the first one He did.
• The only reason He could do a miracle like this was that He was he
Son of God!
• Jesus’ Disciples were there and they saw what happened.
• His Disciples believed in Jesus!

Memory Verse:

Acts 16v31 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be Saved'.

The kids learnt the memory verse by playing hopscotch. Each child took it in turn to hop along each word of the verse. They repeated it many times and were so excited to keep having more turns. Once I thought they knew the verse I started one at a time turning words over so by the end they were hopping down the line saying the verse without having to read it.

Clay pots using air dry clay. We used the coil method. Each child rolled out their clay and wrapped it around a plastic drinking tumbler. The younger kids 4/5 struggled a little and needed help but the 6/7's were more than able and in turn helped the little ones.

 A large part of today's club was taken from: Just Us Little Guys- Sunday School Center - ©2012, Sharon Kay Chatwell

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