Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 Card range 'buttons&sequences'

At the beginning of each New Year I try and make a collection of cards so that I have a few in reserve for the year ahead. It helps to make them at the beginning of the year as then you know who has received one and hopefully mean you don't send the same card twice!

On Tuesday I attended my monthly Craft and Coffee morning. A lady had brought along a box of buttons she no longer wanted. I had a little rummage and took home a few in pinks and purples. Before Christmas I had purchased a bag of pink sequence in the 99p shop and as I saw the two things together I was inspired.

I find Men's cards so much more difficult so will have to wait for the inspiration on that one!

I also want to do a kids range but Lj seems happy enough to manage that one at the minute...this week she made three for up and coming birthday parties.

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