Tuesday, 16 December 2014

'Jesus grows up' Wednesday Club #4

Jesus has been born in Bethlehem. The shepherds and Wise men celebrate him and call him King. But what happens next? We will look at the life of Jesus as he grows up. We will see how he is fully human as he lives in a normal family and he learns to walk and talk but he is also God as he lives a perfect life without sin and can do the miraculous.
God loves us and by sending Jesus to earth he was taking another step in his plan to rescue us.

Recap on previous weeks and the events around the birth of Jesus.
Why did the Wise men and shepherds travel to see this baby?...I’m sure there were lots of babies in Bethlehem and other cities. Why did the Wise men follow a star to the baby king...why was he a king? He came from God...he was God the son. So he had two Dads, Joseph on earth and God the Father in Heaven.

Jesus grew up in Mary and Josephs home in Nazareth. He was a real boy and looked just like other boys. He learnt to read and write like you. Joseph his dad was a carpenter so perhaps he taught him how to make furniture. He played with his brothers and his friends. He knew what it was like to be happy, sad, excited, lonely and hurt. Jesus was once your age.
But in one way he was very different. He did not fight with his brothers. He did not disobey his mummy or daddy. He was always kind, unselfish and truthful. Even his thoughts were always good. He was the only perfect person. Ever! He was God, the Son.
When Jesus was an adult, He went around teaching people about God’s kingdom. He showed people what God is like. He did things which only God can do.

Watch on You tube the story of the paralysed man who was brought to Jesus by his 4 friends. Follow this link 4 men, a roof and Jesus

Using a song on You Tube we learnt the verse John 3 v 16

The possibilities are endless for games using our verse on Duplo pieces. You could hide the blocks around the room and the children find them and form the verse or we asked questions about the story and when they got a correct answer they drew a word out of a bag. We also had a girls v boys race to see who could form the verse quickest (I had 2 sets of the verse on duplo blocks).

Jesus came to earth as a baby because he loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. He wanted to give us a sign that God is real. It was Gods way of connecting with us again. We are precious to him.


This activity worked well with both the boys and girls. We used pva glue with spreaders and lots of pieces of ribbon, felt, fabric, wool, sequence and marker pens.

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