Wednesday, 3 December 2014

'Follow the star' Wednesday Club #3

The Wise men followed a star to find Jesus. Why were they so keen to find him and bring him gifts?

Ice breaker/ games
The 'Star' says.
A version of 'Simon says'. The leader stands at the front and asks the children to follow their commands of 'The star says, stand on one leg' for example. If the leader doesn't say 'The star says...' at the beginning and a child still follows the command then they are out. (As we started a little late we didn't have time for this game)

Follow the Star to Bethlehem.
My children have told me this game so I hope I have picked it up correctly! Children stand with backs against wall and the aim is to reach the opposite wall (Bethlehem). The leader calls out  various things like 'Do you wash your teeth everyday?', If the answer is 'yes' then the children take one step forward. This continues as the children move closer to Bethlehem and Jesus. The leader can also call out 'Jesus' and the children run to Bethlehem.
This game worked brilliantly, the children loved playing it and we did it a number of times.
I put this picture on the wall to remind them of who they were trying to reach!

Musical 'Stand on the star'.
A version of musical chairs using paper star cut outs on the floor instead of chairs. When the music stops the children find a star to stand on. Each round a star is removed so it becomes harder to find a star to stand on.

Watch 'Beginners bible- Nativity' on TV/projector. This went well and the children sat and listened intently. I had told them that I would ask questions based on what they had seen when it was over.

We asked questions about what they had just watched and also got them to think about why the Wise men were happy to find Jesus and why King Herod was jealous of another King. What was different about the 'new' King, where we can find out about Jesus and why we might want to follow Jesus?
We also recapped on the verse we learnt on the first week.

I don't even think about taking photos in the 1 hr of mayhem so yet again we have no photos of the kids work and a very poor photo of my sample! We used jumbo lollipop sticks to create our wise men. The blue/ yellow/ and green sparkly foam pieces are their gifts...of course!

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