Thursday, 19 September 2013

What do we do with it all?

Each day when I arrive at Preschool to take Lj home I am presented with my child and a collection of paintings, drawings and models. Today it was a model of a house, a painting of an elephant and a collage lion mask. I dutifully bring them home, show them to M and then try to smuggle them into the recycling bin (over a period of days in the hope they won't be missed...sometimes they are!).

She certainly has a love of painting, cutting and sticking. I remember when MJ started Pre school they repeatedly told me that they had encouraged him to come to the making table to do some painting or colouring but he would never go, preferring to continue playing with the train track or something similar. Interestingly he loves to make things now and often brings his own creations home from school. In the holidays we went to the Planetarium and I could have left all day in the craft room where he was making a rocket, space buggies etc from plastic bottles, sellotape and the like.

When I feel guilty about throwing another 100 drawings/paintings of Lj's in the bin I wonder about storing some of them...but how do you store them? Today her teacher suggested I stick them in a scrapbook and keep them for her for when she older. At this rate I would need a scrap book a week and I'm really not sure how interested she will in them when she is 21! Plus I am not a hoarder and am not sure I could cope with scrapbook upon scrapbook on shelves gathering dust.

The only other solution I can think of is to take a photo of the odd one and log them on here so it becomes a diary for when she is older.

On Saturday she wanted to use her Usbourne 'Fairy and Princess making book' so we created this (see below). At the same time I was thinking it looked like an angel and could be used in Christmas cards. So from this one we went on to produce 40 more.

I loved this picture of our friend and her newborn baby. The baby really does spend most of its time nuzzled into her Mama's chest. This was drawn by Lj on her Megasketcher.

A few weeks ago we went to Chartwell, a National Trust property. The weather was not good and we had a lot of time to kill while waiting for M to return from his game of golf and pick us up. So we purchased an Usbourne, Art Sticker book in the gift shop and set to work. Then we even used the paper bag that the book was sold in to draw our own works of art based on 'shapes'.

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