Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Designing a door stop

Today it has taken me three attempts to make a door stop which I am happy to reproduce. The first attempt produced one which was mini and would look silly holding a door open, the second was too large and could now be used as a shopping bag but the third attempt was 'just right'!

I had an idea for a pattern, based on a 'zippy bag' or my 'reversible summer bag' pattern but I was unsure how it could be finished off with the handle. I would like to make a few of these to sell at some Christmas craft fairs which I have signed up for so they needed to be cut out and assembled quickly. I'm happy with the results although on third attempt I realised that I could do the final closing seam at the bottom which would be in a less obvious position...I was also eager to avoid hand sewing if possible!

Now I can begin cutting my Ashley Wilde, Elsie fabric which was another holiday purchase from The cotton Print Factory shop in Belfast.

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