Sunday, 1 September 2013

Goodbye Summer...

Today's title has been taken from a little song we sing with the kids to help them remember the months of the year. As the school holidays draw to a close I have been reflecting on our Summer and preparing for a new Season. 'Autumn's coming soon' will hopefully be my next post!

The weather this Summer has been and continues to be amazing. We were genuinely surprised to wake to rain on Saturday morning but thankfully that has dried up and we have returned to warm and sunny days. The nights however are closing in and getting cooler so we know that these hot and sunny days will not last forever.

The holidays have flown by and while last Summer (2012) was marked by MJ's physical achievements such as learning to ride his bike and becoming more confident in the water, this summer has been about mental progress. Everyday we have tried to work on his Numeracy and Literacy so that he can keep up with his classmates. He has grown to love Maths and it has been a joy to see him and M work together on which method they should use for each problem. He is much less keen on reading and spelling but I can see his confidence developing in this area too. With the new term starting soon and with it more extra curricular activities I really hope we can maintain our breakfast/worksheet routine.

Lj is a quick learner, I overheard her helping MJ out with one of his words as he spelt the months of the Year. So while he is doing his work, we encourage Lj to also sit and work on her tasks...or just get her to sit and finish breakfast(which is an achievement in itself!). Her determination and independence gets her into a few scraps but after a word from MJ on disobedience (which I overheard while at a distance) she keeps telling me that she is trying to obey and wants to be a 'good' girl. So far, so good!

 A fun day in Hatfield Forest with good friends.

 Walking in the river at Gosford Forest Park, just before Lj fell in!

 Fun in the garden with Great Auntie Liz.

 Visiting Grandad, Nanna and all our cousins in N.Ireland.

Enjoying the Wales.

It has been a simple out doors Summer. With tree climbing, picnicing, pond dipping, crabbing, train riding, beach combing, hut building, sand castle building, bike riding, fruit picking and plane spotting in North Wales, N.Ireland and home!

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