Monday, 2 September 2013

Humorous MJ

I wrote this post a few months ago but never got round to finishing it and then it was forgotton. Today I witnessed again some of the personality which I have written about below and was reminded of this lost post!


1. He is developing a fun sense of humour.
I noticed it on Sunday and again today. On Sunday we were at a BBQ in an unfamiliar place with all but 3 unfamiliar people (a situation MJ would not normally be comfortable in). As we were eating, one of the young ladies from church got up to go to the bathroom. Before leaving she asked MJ not to let anyone take her plate, but as soon as she had gone MJ picked it up and moved it two places along so that on her return she thought it was missing. MJ's giggles gave the joke away very quickly but the incident really made me see a new part of him emerge.

Today I took the girls (Lj and my niece) along to his school sports day. I would have photos to show had I not left the battery on charge at home, but I digress. As he waited with his team for their next event I watched as he plucked at the grass and then deposited it on a little girl's head, who was sitting in front of him. She swiped them off her hair and he sat back looking smug. Following the next race again they were sitting waiting and the same girl was now two ahead of him and so I watched as he plucked more grass and reached over the girl in front and popped it onto the original little girl's hair. To which she swung round and was rather surprised to see a very innocent looking girl behind her and not MJ who she had been suspecting!

He loves his practical jokes and tried a few out on me today. Lj in her naivety loves them and looks at him admiringly as he works his 'magic'!

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