Friday, 6 September 2013

Autumn's Coming Soon

I'm not sure whether I am looking forward to or dreading Autumn this year. I look forward to getting back into routine and having a bit more time for 'Lilyjean, Quirky&Handmade' but I dread the cold days and dark nights.

On a trip to London last week I got the chance to pop into the Marimeko shop in St Christopher's Place, just off Oxford Street. Although out of my price range I was inspired by their new Autumn designs. They have looked to the weather for their inspiration and are celebrating 'rain'. I would really have to dig deep to be inspired by 'rain' but they have come up with some beautiful images.

I especially love this last image 'Drip tunic' and can see a little girls dress design with lots of rain drops and a colourful umbrella as a possible winter design. This will be Lj's first Autumn of preschool so I may even have enough free time to realise the picture which is currently in my head!

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