Monday, 7 May 2012

May bank holiday weekend

 We had been looking forward to this weekend for a few months. The first bank holiday weekend in May is normally sunny and warm but not this one! We considered cancelling our camping plans and stay at home but as it was a special birthday weekend for our friend we felt we should make an effort and give it a go. As a family we love camping so there would have been much disappointment had we not made it.

On Saturday we met up with our friends and spent the day at Thetford forest. It was a fun day and warm enough to enjoy a picnic, although we were dressed in multi layers and coats. Some of the adults tried having a go on Segways while the kids played in the park. There was also a sculpture trail which we followed and 'Go Ape' which we viewed from ground level. (M is already planning a return visit so he can try out 'Go Ape' for himself).

As the rain came on we decided to make a move towards our campsite to set up camp.

Dressed in 13 items of clothing I went to bed but unfortunately didn't sleep much and got up every hour to move around and warm up. Although I felt comfortable I was anxious that the kids were feeling the cold and therefore I could not relax to sleep. It was a disturbed night for us all as temperatures went as low as 1oC. Interestingly our friends in the tent beside us slept soundly all night and one was dressed in just pj's!

On Sunday morning we decided that one night was enough and packed up camp, happy to try again in warmer weather. We visited a local RSPB reserve at Lakenheath, followed by coffee and cake before returning home, happy but tired!

We ate out a lot this weekend so did lots of 'waiting for food to arrive' entertaining. Picture of boats, rain, umbrellas and sharks!

Today, Monday we spent the morning at the allotment and pulled the largest rhubarb I have ever seen...perhaps they have enjoyed all the rain we have been having! Next we did lunch and a walk along the canal. Mj's obsession with boats continues so he enjoyed watching the canal boats. When the rain came on we helped a couple through the lock gates before heading home for some stewed rhubarb.

All in all, it was not the weekend we had planned but was a very enjoyable and fun one, none the less!

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