Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cake a month:: Rhubarb Crumble Muffins

 May :: Rhubarb Crumble Muffins from bbc good food.

Somehow April slipped by me (I'm sure I didn't go a whole month without making cake...oh I did try date bars but have no photographic evidence...they were good too!) and I missed taking a cake to yesterday's Craft and Coffee meet but in the afternoon MJ and I decided to try using up our glut of rhubarb to make muffins. I had done some research as I lay in bed the night before and came up with this one from the bbc good food website. As we had no muffin cases but plenty of smaller ones we made twice the number and they didn't take so long to cook...therefore they were ready just in time for desert.

MJ was a great help. He chopped up the rhubarb and mixed it in sugar, made the crumble mixture and set out the bun cases.

It is a super recipe to do with the kids as it is quick and straight forward and doesn't take long to cook in the oven.

The results were just as good as we had hoped and I don't think they will hang around for long. I would like to try them in muffin size as they are so good you want a bigger one. Lj doesn't seem so keen on them but I am discovering that she is a little more picky than MJ with food. She also refused to get her rice at dinner time and even if one grain found its way in her mouth she was trying to pull it out. Mind you she did eat a little bowl of frozen peas before dinner so she can't be so fussy!

So, if like us your rhubarb has enjoyed all the rain of late and you can't face another rhubarb crumble...try these...they get 10/10 from us!

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